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What is "Hope Island"?

"Hope Island" is a murder mystery/romance situated mainly in the tiny community of Plano, Kentucky.  Dealing in part with spousal abuse, the message is one of hope that even in the worst of times, the future always leaves room for hope.

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We had a very successful Writer's Retreat at Barren River Lake earlier this month.  Look at the next page for details!  The June 23rd Book Signing at Rock'n B Ranch has been cancelled!  A Fall Festival has been scheduled for September 29th.

Reviews for "Hope Island"

Delanie Masden took readers through an emotional journey; one that was very true to the cycle of power based personal violence.  Diana Hankla did not let her heroine's story linger in depair; rather she wove a tale that is in some parts surprising, but alwys full of hope.  Hope Harbor, Inc. A Sexual Trauma Recovery Center

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This is a copy of my first review for “Hope Island” by Midwest Book Review magazine right after it launched in 2013!  Seems like only yesterday!  

Synopsis: Delanie Masden was an intelligent, well-educated, beautiful woman, or so people told her. She had a deep founded faith in God. "Then how..." she asked herself, "how do I keep getting tangled up in relationships with the wrong men?" Will it take murder for Delanie to find out? Or, will Hope Island give her that final answer?  

Critique: "Hope Island" is retired school teacher Diana G. Hankla's debut novel and reveals a genuine literary talent as a storyteller able to create memorable characters and involve them in a deftly woven story that engages the reader's immediate attention and hold's it firmly through throughout. Of special note is Hankla's attention to historically accurate regional history background details. Wonderfully entertaining from beginning to end, "Hope Island" will leave its readers looking eagerly toward Hankla's next novel

Facts About Warren County and Plano, KY

Warren County is the home of the only Corvette Plant in the world.  Lots of Corvettes on the road in and around Bowling Green, KY!

Dr. Galen H. Freeman served as the doctor for Plano, and most of Warren County, for 69 years beginning in 1900! He was the author's grandfather!