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About Me

My background

Born and raised in Plano, Kentucky, Diana G. Hankla was the fourth of seven children.  Raised on a farm, she learned the value of hard work, helping others, and the power of the written word at an early age.  When her mother went to work as a librarian and bookmobile driver, books were plentiful. Books became an important part of her childhood and writing became a passion. After teaching children how to read, write and love books for 38 years in Kentucky and Indiana, she finally began putting her own writing into print! 

My writing roots

I was reading Reader's Digest Condensed Novels before I started school.  "Old Yeller" was a favorite.  When I questioned my grandfather, a doctor, about rabies, he gave me one of his medical books to read. My first grade teacher was surprised when she asked us to spell the biggest word we knew.  When I told her "hydrophobia," she asked if I knew what it was.  I told her it was rabies and that there were two kinds, active and passive. From then on, I wrote stories and poetry constantly for my parents and grandparents.     

My style

My mind has always gone in strange directions!  I write stories for children, adult fiction, and stories dealing with the military and their families.  I use personal experiences, dreams, and my children and grandchildren for inspiration.  My style depends on what I am writing, and the audience for which I am writing.  

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Under the Silvery Moon


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There are millions of children in the U.S. who have had one or more parents deployed overseas while serving in the military. These are some of their questions about what their parents are doing and why.

Hope Island


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Delanie Masden faced death, an abusive husband, and now the loss of the beloved aunt who helped raise her.  Would she ever see the light of hope once more?